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Programming Languages


In what programming languages FREngine 10 can be used? How to use it?


Supported programming languages

The ABBYY FineReader Engine application programming interface conforms to the COM standard and can be easily used in C/C++, Visual Basic, .NET, Delphi, Java or any development tool supporting COM components. The Engine can be adapted for use in scripting languages like VBS, JS, Perl.


The Code Samples are provided for Visual Basic, Visual Basic .NET, raw C++, C++ with the Native COM Support, C#, Delphi, Java and scripting languages.


The special information about

  • working with COM Interfaces from a scripting language,
  • using ABBYY FineReader Engine in Delphi,
  • using ABBYY FineReader Engine in Java

can be found in the corresponding articles in Help > Guided Tour > Advanced Techniques > Programming Aspects section.

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