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Word Recognition Variants


How to retrieve recognition variants for a word or character?


If you wish to find out all recognition hypotheses for a word or character, do the following:

Set the SaveWordRecognitionVariants and SaveCharacterRecognitionVariants properties of the RecognizerParams object to TRUE. This will instruct FineReader Engine to save recognition variants in the recognition results.

Pass the RecognizerParams object as a subobject of the PageProcessingParams object to one of the ABBYY FineReader Engine recognition methods.

The collection of hypotheses is accessible after recognition through the ICharParams::WordRecognitionVariants, ICharParams::CharacterRecognitionVariants properties and the IParagraph::GetWordRecognitionVariants method. 

Return Value

These methods return zero for non-printable characters (spaces, carriage returns, etc.) and characters which were not recognized but added to the text during editing. Zero is also returned if the text was recognized by one of the previous ABBYY FineReader Engine versions. The hypotheses collections contain recognition variants ranked from best to worst. If the SaveWordRecognitionVariants or SaveCharacterRecognitionVariants property of the RecognizerParams object is set to FALSE, the corresponding collection will contain only one element.


If you are using methods of the Engine, DocumentAnalyzer, and Exporter objects for processing, make sure that you pass non-null DocumentInfo object to these methods.


Sample code in C++ (COM) and Visual Basic can be found in Help > Guided Tour > Advanced Techniques > Using Voting API (path for FREngine 10).

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