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How to open one page of a multi-page file?

How to open one page of a multi-page file?

Failed to run non-developer licenses in developer library

The “Failed to run non-developer licenses in developer library” message appears.

SDK Support Contacts

What are the technical support contacts for my SDK product?

Barcode Types

What types of barcodes can be recognized by ABBYY FineReader Engine?

Text Coordinates

How to get coordinates of the recognized text?

Detecting of tables

The text flow is lost due to merging of columns text or a table column alone is identified as a different block or all table columns are.

Error Handling

All ABBYY FineReader Engine interface methods and properties return a value of the HRESULT type. The HRESULT (for result handle) is a way of returning success, warning, and error values. HRESULTs are really not handles to anything; they are only 32-bit values with several fields e...

Scan settings

The result of image recognition directly depends on the quality of the source image.

Default recognition language

 What recognition language is used by default?

Working with simple properties

How to work with simple properties (Boolean, Long, Double)?

found 64 documents

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