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PDF versions

Which PDF versions can recognized text be exported to?

Saving images

How to save an image in an external format?



Why italic fonts and superscript/subscript are not recognized by autodetection?

Resetting of the page counter

Why the page counter is reset to 0?

The "Error in MD5 checksums" message appears during installation

Why do I receive “Verifying archive integrity...Error in MD5 checksums: xxxxxx is different from xxxxxx” message during installation?

Highest & Lowest Image Resolution

What is the highest and smallest image resolution supported by FineReader Engine?

Export Hieroglyphic Languages

There are squares instead of hieroglyphs in output PDF.

Improving recognition quality of different text types

How can I improve the quality of recognition of blocks which contain different types of text?

Word Recognition Variants

How to retrieve recognition variants for a word or character?

Working with string properties

This article provides several code snippets for working with string properties.

found 64 documents

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