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Page Counter Calculation

How does the license page counter depends on the recognized page size?

SDK Support Contacts

What are the technical support contacts for my SDK product?

Service Scalability

The very concept of ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK service implies that there are many applications using it simultaneously, uploading new tasks and receiving the processing results in the same time. And each application’s tasks have to be completed within an acceptable period of time. How is the processing power managed to ensure good processing ...

"HTTP 401 Unauthorized. Please check your application id and password"

Why do I get the "HTTP 401 Unauthorized" error message when I try to call your API?

Correlation between FineReader Engine and Cloud OCR SDK for processImage

What recognition settings do I have to set in FineReader Engine 11 to get it working like in Cloud OCR SDK?  

Field-level recognition

How will my account be charged for field-level recognition if the text snippet contains more than 50 characters?

PDF cannot be processed because it “has access restrictions and cannot be added to the document”

Why cannot my PDF file be processed? The “File … has access restrictions and cannot be added to the document” error is returned.

Cloud OCR SDK limitations for input files

What are the limitations of Cloud OCR SDK for input files?

Trial version

Where can I get my Application ID and password to try ABBYY Cloud OCR SDK? What are the terms of using the trial version?

Change account email

How to change my Cloud OCR SDK account to another one?

found 12 documents

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