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USB Key Does Not Work

My USB-key doesn't work. What are the possible reasons for this?

Invalid serial number for developer installation

The "Invalid serial number for developer installation. Please see the Distribution section in the ABBYY FineReader Engine Help File." error message appears.

Requested functionality is not available

The Requested functionality is not available /allowed error message appears.

License state

I see the red-green square in the License Manager to the left of the serial number. What does it mean?


How to recognize Gothic text?

Change resolution

How to change an image resolution?

Image from Memory

Can an image from memory be loaded to FREngine?

Several Recognition Languages

How to set several recognition languages?


How to remove garbage from the image?

Get Activation Info Using Command Line

What command should be used to get a text file with the information that is necessary for the activation?

found 63 documents

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