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Runtime License for Distribution

What Runtime licenses should be used for the distribution?

Page Counter Calculation

How does the license page counter depends on the recognized page size?

How to write licenses into the hardware keys?

This can be done in the ABBYY FineReader Engine 10 License Manager and you do not need any additional utilities. The License Manager utility (LicenseManager.exe) is installed automatically during a Developer installation or during a Runtime ABBYY FineReader Engine library installation in automatic mode together with the License Serv...

Finding Out Which Modules Were Used in an Application

How can I find out which modules are used in my application?

Failed to run license. License allows only local usage.

Error message “Failed to run license <Serial Number>. License allows only local usage.”


the only way for license deactivation is deactivating license with internet connection


Why does the error ERR_PROT_HARDLOCK_UNPLUGGED occur?

Gothic Counter Does Not Decrease

I have specified Gothic text for recognition, but when I recognized several pages the regular page counter went down while the Gothic counter didn't change. Why did this happen?

License Priority

I have several runtime licenses on one machine. All of them have the same ProjectID. Which license will be used in my application?

License counter is damaged

Why do I receive “License counter is damaged: 258” message?

found 24 documents

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