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Programming Languages

In what programming languages FREngine 10 can be used? How to use it?

Interface Language

How to change an interface language?


Is it possible to use the regular expressions?

Language characters

How can I get a list of all of the characters used in a language in ABBYY FineReader Engine?

Regular Expressions

How to use regular expressions?

Incompatible parameters for font Arial Unicode MS

Error message "Incompatible parameters for font Arial Unicode MS" (or for another font)

Default recognition language

 What recognition language is used by default?

Set the Alphabet

How can I recognize text that contains only numbers?

Determining Which Language was Used During Recognition

How to find out what the language was selected for the recognized text?

How to recognize the fractions

The predefined recognition languages do not contain the fractions. However, beginning from ABBYY FineReader Engine 11 the fractions recognition is available.

found 11 documents

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