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Article ID: 1210 | Category: Recognition | Type: Hot Fix | Last Modified: 2/17/2016

Incompatible parameters for font Arial Unicode MS


Error message "Incompatible parameters for font Arial Unicode MS" (or for another font)


The issue occurs because of a specific font set on the computer when CJK language is used for recognition.


The possible solutions are the following:

  • Change the set of fonts, which are used during document synthesis, having removed specified Arial Unicode MS and having set other font with CJK support e.g. MS Mincho, MS PMincho. To do this you need to remove all the fonts from the list with the ISynthesisParamsForDocument::CleanRecognizedTextFontNames and to add a specific font to the list with the ISynthesisParamsForDocument::AddRecognizedTextFontName.
  • Use the AdjustRecognizedTextFonts property of the SynthesisParamsForDocument object.
  • If you recognize non-CJK text, remove CJK language from the list of recognition languages.
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