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How to improve the recognition quality


How to improve the recognition quality?

It seems that recognition quality is not enough or there is a lot of garbage in output results.


You can try adjusting the following settings:

  • set a correct (suitable) resolution with the help of the setImageResolution method of RecognitionConfiguration class in case you use Android wrapper and imageResolution property for CMocrRecognitionConfiguration class in case you use IOS wrapper;
  • set the value of TFineImageProcessingOptionsFlags to FIPO_FindAllText in case you use Android wrapper and the value of TMocrImageProcessingOptionsFlags to MIPO_FindAllText in case you use IOS wrapper. If this constant is set, the program will find all text on image. Pictures and garbage will be analyzed and recognized;
  • specify correct language of input images. It will help to improve the recognition quality. For example, set only the “English” language if you recognize images with only English words.

In order we could have a better look at the issue and give appropriate recommendations, please provide us with images and the simplest sample project with the instruction for this sample which will help us to reproduce the issue.

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