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"Disk full while accessing" / "The paging file is too small for this operation to complete"


When I'm trying to process a lot of pages, I get this error message. What can I do to fix?


Check if you call the method FRDocument::Close(). This method releases the system resources held by the FRDocument object. So, each call of the Engine::CreateFRDocument method must be accompanied by a call of the FRDocument::Close() method. If it will not help, the possible reason may be in the paging file size.

The virtual memory is managed by the operation system (e.g. on Windows 2008 Server), most possible it works in the following way. As soon as the system feels that memory is going to be consumed, it begins to increase the size of the paging file. If the requests for allocating come quicker than the system increases the paging file, then a part of the requests fail and their initiator thinks that the memory is run out. So, it is necessary to have enough free space on the disk where the Temporary folder is located.


As a solution our developers recommend the following:
1) to change systems to manual control for the size of the paging file;
2) to set rather big values for the “Initial size” and the “Maximum size” of the paging file.

In other words, there should be some free space on the disk, where the Temporary folder is located. This free space should not be less than "Maximum size (MB)" (My Computer → Properties → Advanced → Performance → Settings→ Advanced → Virtual memory → Change).

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