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Field-level recognition


How will my account be charged for field-level recognition if the text snippet contains more than 50 characters?


Every text field can contain small text snipped not longer than 200 characters (space characters are not included). If the field you recognize is longer, the extra characters will not be written into the output. When you use the field-level recognition mode, your account is billed by the following scheme:

  • Every 50 characters in one field are charged as one field. Thus, if the field has 51 character, the Service estimates it as 2 fields,
  • If you recognize less than 5 fields, every field is billed according to Price list as specified in “Price per text field” (you can use the processTextField method to recognize a single field and the processFields method to recognize several fields),
  • If you recognize 5 or more fields per page, it is billed as one A4 page (the processFields method should be used).

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