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"HTTP 401 Unauthorized. Please check your application id and password"


Why do I get the "HTTP 401 Unauthorized" error message when I try to call your API?


The most often reason of the Unauthorized error is incorrect authorization. Please make sure that you have specified the correct authentication credentials in your requests:

  • Application ID - this is a human friendly name of your application which you entered when creating the application, 
  • Application Password - the password to the application that should have been sent to your account email together with the Application ID right after its registration.

Also please check the following steps:

  1. The issue may occur because of some wrong symbols were copied or typed with the password. The password should not contain any spaces that may be copied when you highlight part of the text from the message with the password. Also if you type the password, please double check such symbols that look alike (for example, the lowercase letter l, the capital letter I and the number 1). The password consists only of 24 characters.
  2. Note that the authorization header contains the authentication scheme (Basic) and the appropriate Application ID and Application Password separated with a colon and Base64-encoded. Please make sure that "Basic" in this capitalization is used in your authorization headers.
  3. Please try if the issue occurs with our C# GUI Sample, where your Application ID and Application Password are specified: press File in the top left corner of the application window → Connection setting specify your credentials data.
  4. In case it does not help please try to reset the application password.

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