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Detecting of tables


Tables are detected incorrectly

The text flow is lost due to merging of columns text or a table column alone is identified as a different block or all table columns are.


You should most probably obtain good results after changing the image resolution by different values. Different ways to change resolution are the following:

  1. using the ChangeResolution method of ImageDocument object. It allows you to change the resolution of the existing image.
  2. using the corresponding properties of the PrepareImageMode object (OverwriteResolution and XResolutionToOverwrite/YResolutionToOverwrite). In this case the new resolution will be used for image preprocessing (i.e. for binarization, deskewing, etc.).
  3. using the CorrectResolution method of the FRPage object. This method selects the best resolution from the specified range and changes resolution of the page image to the selected one.
  4. using the StretchRatio property of ImageModification object. Specifies the stretch ratio to apply to the image. It changes the image resolution simultaneously with the image ratio.  

Make sure that IObjectsExtractionParams::FlexiFormsDA = False, text is only thing that is found and table is not detected and table borders are not saved in this mode.

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